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A standing committee of the Union High School faculty sets the standards and governs member issues.
To promote Scholarship, Service, Leadership and Character
To qualify for admission, a student must have a minimum unweighted cumulative grade point average of 3.50 at the end of their fifth semester.
Service, which reflects a commitment to the life both of Union High School and local communities, is determined through participation in clubs and athletics at the school and volunteering in the local community. Consideration is given to all activities since the beginning of freshman year. Service is in addition to the hours for the graduation ceremony requirement.
Clear evidence of leadership, either an elected or appointed position, or a project or activity which reflects initiative and leadership, is required.
Each member of the National Honor Society must be a positive and contributing individual both at Union High School and within the community. Those considered for membership in the Society must receive favorable ratings from the faculty. Each candidate must have a satisfactory discipline record, and demonstrate a consistent pattern of honesty and integrity in academic, social and co-curricular concerns.
Those students with the minimum academic average are invited to complete an application. Juniors are reviewed for admission in February of their junior year. Seniors are reviewed for admission again in October of their senior year.
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