1.  How many hours do I need to complete?

Freshman year: 5 hours
Sophomore year: 5 hours
Junior year: 5 hours
Senior year: 5 hours
Total number of community service hours required to graduate: 20 hours
2.  What counts as community service?
      Anything you do that:
    • Is NOT for your family.
    • You DO NOT get paid or otherwise rewarded for.
    • Is not a requirement for participation in a club or organization.
3.  Who can I contact if there is a mistake?
    • Check with your Counselor.
    • If you did work with an Advisor, follow-up with them to make sure they reported the hours to your Counselor
4.  How do I report/record my community service hours? 
5. How can I find out how many hours I've completed?
    • Your school Counselor
    • Your Vice-Principal
6.  What happens if I don't complete the required number of hours?
    • If a student failed to complete the required number of community service hours, they will not be eligible to participate in the graduation ceremony. Students will not receive their cap and gown or be able to walk in the ceremony.