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ID Procedures

Union High School

ID Procedures



All students must wear their school provided ID badge at all times.  The ID must be visible and worn around the neck using a breakaway lanyard. The school has provided breakaway lanyards to all students.  Students will also have to display their ID’s when attending all after school functions. Students will not be admitted to athletic events, school plays, talent shows, etc., without displaying their ID’s.


If a student misplaces their badge or leaves it at home, it is the responsibility of the student to obtain either a new badge or a temporary ID wrist bracelet, through the Attendance Office.


The consequences for not having an ID badge during the school day are as follows:  


1st offense:      Verbal Warning  

2nd offense:     Verbal Warning

3rd offense:      Saturday Detention
                        (Failure to report to Saturday Detention will result in a suspension.)


Replacement IDs cost $5.00. The cost of replacing the lanyard is $2.00. 


Students found intentionally damaging their ID’s by either cutting, bending, or defacing it will be required to replace their ID immediately.  Those students will be required to pay for a replacement.