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Mrs. Roseanne Borges

  Math Teacher

    "Whether you think you can, or think you can't - you are right."  ~Henry Ford

    So why not think you can?

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    I am available Tuesday and Thursday after school until 3 PM
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    STUDENTS who use their CELL PHONE in class without being instructed to do so by the teacher will earn a zero for their classwork or TEST GRADE for that day!
    Note:  Per the Student Handbook
    During exams - Students must be present every day during the exam period unless otherwise directed.  Any student absent from school during a scheduled exam must present a VALID note as indicated under excused absences.  (Excused Absences include a Dr. Notes, Court Document, Letter from Religious group, documentation concerning the death of a member of the student's immediate family.)  
    Students not presenting a valid excuse will receive a failing grade for the exam!