Mission Statement

Mission Statementtitle

The core value and primary purpose of Union High School, with its large culturally and economically diverse community, is to foster the development of our students’ self-worth, their respect for others, and their cultural sensitivity so that they can positively contribute to their community. We will strive to create life-long learners who find value in academic excellence and collaboration and who are able to adapt to our rapidly changing global society. This mission will be achieved through an ongoing, research-based process of planning, implementation, and evaluation.

Belief Statements

Belief Statementstitle

  • Students will respect laws, authority, and individual rights within the school community.  Likewise, the entire community is responsible for implementing the school’s goals.
  • Students will assume personal responsibility to become productive and goal oriented while displaying behavior that is socially acceptable and appropriate.
  • Students will respectfully embrace diversity of all members of the school and community regardless of individual differences. Our school community recognizes that each student is a valued individual physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually.
  • Students will rise above personal failures and struggles by learning how to independently and collaboratively problem solve and utilize conflict resolution.
  • The staff and community will inspire curiosity and challenge academic expectations within a supportive environment which will increase individual student performance and promote life-long learning.
  • Student learning should be the primary goal and student needs should be the primary focus of all decisions made affecting the school.


Profile of A Graduate

Profile of A Graduatetitle

Graduates of Union High School will be young adults who are:


  • recognize the importance of life-long learning.
  • utilize critical thinking skills while making informed decisions.
  • read, write, speak, and listen effectively.
  • exhibit competency in mathematical computations and scientific concepts.
  • integrate knowledge of social sciences and the arts into their daily lives.
  • research and synthesize information to make informed decisions.
  • understand the importance of time management.


  • express their thoughts clearly and succinctly in both a verbal and nonverbal manner.
  • utilize and value emerging technology.
  • access and appreciate various types of media.
  • use technology appropriately for personal, social, and business functions.
  • articulate their ideas effectively through writing.


  • recognize the importance of collaboration.
  • demonstrate ethical behavior.
  • resolve interpersonal conflicts.
  • exhibit self-confidence and motivation.
  • become strong role models for others.
  • recognize and utilize all resources available to them.
  • adapt to change.


  • appreciate diversity and demonstrate social sensitivity.
  • demonstrate responsibility and respect for themselves and others.
  • understand the importance of emotional and physical health.
  • contribute to their communities Actively and positively.
  • accept responsibility and accountability for their own actions.
  • understand economics and financial responsibility.
  • develop a sense of pride in their country and community by upholding and respecting the values of freedom and democracy.
  • develop the skills needed to actively seek employment.
  • respect and nourish their local and global environment.