Update to our Tricky Tray!!!!
We are excited to announce the Have it Your Way Tricky Tray experience. Our UHSPTA Step Into Spring Hybrid Tricky Tray..
Want to watch it virtual from the comforts of your home? Well you can!!!
Want to come and hang out in the cafeteria while the event is happening? Well you can do that too!!
Based on the current state of mandates being lifted; we wanted to provide both options to suit your personal preference.
When is it happening? Still on Saturday April 2nd, 2022.  Here is the catch, you will still be required to schedule a time to drop off your tickets. This will help the event run smoother and more efficiently.  On the page where you purchase your tickets, there is a link for Signup Genius, that is where you schedule your time slot.  All entrance tickets and bundle packets purchased will be distributed when you register in at your assigned time slot.
Entrance ticket is $20 and it includes one (1) sheet to the main level basket raffles. Entrance tickets are required by all to participate in the drawings.
You can also pre-purchase Value Bundle Packets through our memberhub. (There is a limited supply – once sold out, no more will be available) $50 Value Bundle Deal (valued at $60) Includes: 4 Sheets Main Level, 5 Tickets Deluxe Level and 1 Grand Prize ticket.
Day of Event – Ticket Drop Offs are from 10am – 6pm. You are required to sign up for a one hour time slot to register and drop tickets.
Have it your way Options:
If you are opting for remaining virtual and you win a prize, you can head back during the hours of 8pm-10pm to retrieve your winnings. Though it would be best to wait until all of the drawings are complete in the levels you purchased for. 

If you are opting to hang out in the cafeteria that day, the doors will be open at 5:45pm. Understand you would have had to drop off your tickets already. The basket area will be closed to all at 6pm. To allow us to prepare for the broadcast. The sitting room area is on a first come-first served basis. Once we reach our set capacity, the doors will be shut. Regardless, doors will be shut at 7pm once drawings have commenced.  You are allowed to bring in food and refreshments, NO ALCOHOL is allowed on school premises. If you are caught with alcohol, you will be removed from the event space.

All Attendees:
The event will be broadcasting live on TV34 YouTube Channel
If you have any questions, reach us via uhsptatrickytray@gmail.com
Thank you and looking forward to a great event that supports the Class of 2022.