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District Wide Broadcast Message

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Welcome to Union High School!

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Mission Statement

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The core value and primary purpose of Union High School, with its large culturally and economically diverse community, is to foster the development of our students’ self-worth, their respect for others, and their cultural sensitivity so that they can positively contribute to their community. We will strive to create life-long learners who find value in academic excellence and collaboration and who are able to adapt to our rapidly changing global society. This mission will be achieved through an ongoing, research-based process of planning, implementation, and evaluation.
The Family SEW Series

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The Family Social and Emotional Wellness Series
Title I and Counseling Department
January - April 2018

Workshops will be conducted at schools throughout the District fro 6:30 to 7:45. Light Refreshments will be served at each workshop.
CLICK HERE for flyer with Workshop Information.
Patricia C. Bridges NCC, LAC, NJDRCC
UHS School Counselor
Founder/Director, Living Water Well Inc.