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District Wide Broadcast Message

Welcome to Union High School!
Information pertaining to registering a new student can be found on the Township of Union Public School's website. Please note, Union High School registration requires the "Medical for Secondary" form to be completed. 
Questions regarding the Union High School registration process can be sent to Mrs. Johnson, Registrar, by emailing


Event Calendar

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  • Union High School Calendar
  • Holidays in United States
Daily Period Schedule

Daily Period Schedule

Homeroom 7:35am - 7:48am
Period 1
7:53am - 8:33am
Period 2
8:38am - 9:18am
Period 3
9:23am - 10:03am
Period 4
10:08am - 10:48am
Period 5 10:53am - 11:33am
Period 6 11:38am - 12:18pm
Period 7 12:23pm - 1:03pm
Period 8 1:08pm - 1:48pm
Period 9 1:53pm - 2:35pm
Mission Statement

Mission Statementtitle

The core value and primary purpose of Union High School, with its large culturally and economically diverse community, is to foster the development of our students’ self-worth, their respect for others, and their cultural sensitivity so that they can positively contribute to their community. We will strive to create life-long learners who find value in academic excellence and collaboration and who are able to adapt to our rapidly changing global society. This mission will be achieved through an ongoing, research-based process of planning, implementation, and evaluation.
NJ Performance Reports
Stop Bullying
Union High School Anti-Bully Specialist:
Ms. L. Williams